Ignite your CrossFit journey with our Explosive WOD classes, uniquely designed to boost your speed and efficiency during WODs. Open to all fitness enthusiasts seeking to elevate their overall CrossFit performance.

What makes our Explosive WOD classes special? We dive deep into plyometric exercises, unleashing your true potential for speed and agility. Experience a course like no other, tailored to make you faster and more efficient in your workouts.

Who can benefit the most? Everyone keen on refining their CrossFit prowess will flourish in these classes. Strengthen your joints and reduce the risk of injuries while elevating your explosiveness. Our classes are not just exclusive to CrossFitters; rugby players, footballers, roller derby athletes, runners, and more will discover immense value in this dynamic training.

What can you expect in the Explosive WOD classes? Unleash your inner athlete as you conquer ladder steps, sleds, sprints, jumps, and an array of plyometric movements. Our sessions consist of a comprehensive warm-up, followed by dedicated skill work, focusing on plyometrics. Finally, experience a challenging and exhilarating WOD led by the expert guidance of Coach Doudouh.

Are you ready to push your boundaries, reach new heights, and embrace explosive strength? Join our Explosive WOD classes and witness the transformation in your performance.