CrossFit and proper nutrition go hand-in-hand for achieving and staying in good health.

Understand how to fuel your body all year long without the need to go through a tough diet. Learn how to make the right choices. 


Scott Mongold moved to Brussels in May from Washington DC to complete his PhD in neuromechanics at ULB. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology from Tufts University (2018) and a Master’s degree in Human Physiology with a focus on muscle metabolism and mechanobiology from the University of Oregon (2021).
As a scientist and athlete, Scott realized the importance of nutrition early in his career, whether on the field or in the lab. When we think about mental and metabolic health, proper sleep, and performance, the right food makes all the difference.
As a nutrition coach, Scott’s philosophy revolves around education, motivation, and accountability (always with optimism and a smile). He has experience in weight management, sport nutrition, and disease prevention.

Let's work together on your nutritonal habits and build the best version of yourself!

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Packages Specification Tarifs
Option 1 Food Survey only / Nutrition 101  70 €
Option 2 Food Survey + 3 Follow up sessions 150 €
Option 3 Food Survey + 5 Follow up sessions 200 €