Take your Olympic weightlifting skills to new heights with our Specialty Weightlifting classes, tailor-made for CrossFit enthusiasts. If you're already familiar with the basics of Olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean and jerk) and aspire to refine your technique and performance, these classes are your pathway to excellence.

Who can benefit the most from participating? Designed for athletes eager to elevate their weightlifting abilities, these classes are ideal for those who possess a foundational understanding of snatch, clean, and jerk movements.

What can you expect in our Specialty Weightlifting classes? We delve deep into the art of Olympic weightlifting with a comprehensive exploration of snatches and clean and jerks in various forms—power, squat, and hang variations.

The classes follow a structured approach to optimize learning and growth. A thorough warm-up sets the stage, followed by a 25-30 minute focused session on one specific Olympic lift and its variations. Additionally, we allocate 15 minutes for accessory work, tailored to reinforce the movement practiced that day.

To ensure everyone benefits from the classes, a prerequisite of knowing the basics of snatch, clean, and jerk is required. A minimum of four months of regular CrossFit practice is recommended, allowing you to fully embrace the specialized training.

Are you ready to perfect your Olympic weightlifting prowess and enhance your CrossFit performance? Join our Specialty Weightlifting classes, where lifting meets precision and strength meets finesse. Experience the satisfaction of lifting with skill and confidence.