Complementing our strength offerings, StrongHuman brings you a dynamic 1-hour class focused on heavy lifts and challenging WODs (Workout of the Day). Whether you're a seasoned lifter or aiming to safely elevate your lifting capabilities, StrongHuman is for you.

Who can benefit the most from participating? Anyone eager to lift heavier weights while maintaining impeccable technique will thrive in these classes. Our expert coaching ensures you'll progress confidently.

What can you expect in StrongHuman classes? Prepare for an empowering blend of powerlifting movements, sled pushes and pulls, heavy dumbbells and kettlebells, along with sandbag and slam ball work.

The classes are thoughtfully structured for maximum gains. Begin with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by specific heavy lifting technique work to fine-tune your skills. Finally, brace yourself for a heavy WOD expertly coached by Tanguy.

Don't let the term "heavy" intimidate you—our classes are open to all fitness levels. Everything is scalable, and you'll always receive professional supervision from our experienced coach to ensure your safety.

Are you ready to embrace your inner StrongHuman and conquer new lifting heights? Join our classes, where heavy becomes a catalyst for strength and growth. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your lifting prowess.