Unlock the true potential of your body and take your gymnastic skills to new heights with our Specialty Gymnastics classes. Perfect for everyone seeking to improve their overall gymnastic abilities, these classes focus on strengthening your body through exciting games and circus/breakdance movements.

What can you expect in our Specialty Gymnastics classes? Our expert coach, Clara,  will guide you through a dynamic journey of skill development. You'll delve into handstands, mastering inversions, handstand push-ups, and even handstand walks. Explore the world of ring work with dips and muscle-ups, and conquer the bar with pull-ups and advanced muscle-ups.

The classes are structured to make learning fun and effective. With games and exciting challenges, you'll build confidence, coordination, and muscles, propelling you to the next level in gymnastics. Coach Clara ensures a safe environment, where participants of all levels are welcome to join.

Are you ready to embrace the joy of movement and witness your gymnastic prowess soar? Come and be part of our Specialty Gymnastics classes.