Elevate your CrossFit journey to new heights with our Rx Academy—a two-hour class tailor-made for athletes ready to take their performance to the next level. Ideal for members aspiring to compete now or in the future, this program is designed to challenge and refine your skills in a competitive CrossFit setting.

Who are these classes for, and what are the prerequisites? Rx Academy is best suited for athletes with a firm grasp of all CrossFit movements and their scaling options. To ensure maximum benefit, we recommend at least six months of regular CrossFit practice before joining.

What can you expect in the Rx Academy? You'll explore the full spectrum of CrossFit movements, diving deep into challenging workouts akin to those found in CrossFit competitions. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to push your limits and prepare you for the competitive world of CrossFit.

How are the classes structured? Our two-hour sessions encompass a comprehensive warm-up, specific skill work, one or two demanding workouts, and dedicated accessory work. Our expert coaches will be there every step of the way, supervising and training alongside you.

What sets Rx Academy apart? It's an exceptional opportunity to unlock your potential and embrace competitive CrossFit. With a focus on safety and expert guidance, you'll take those first vital steps toward competing while pushing your boundaries in a supportive and coached environment.

Are you ready to unleash your inner competitor and embark on an exhilarating journey of growth and achievement? Join our Rx Academy classes and experience the thrill of pushing your limits like never before. Step into the world of competitive CrossFit with confidence and determination.