Experience the perfect harmony of strength and serenity with our Yoga classes, uniquely designed and coached by Klara—an experienced yoga instructor and CrossFit athlete. Embrace a whole new dimension of your fitness journey as these Vinyasa sessions complement your CrossFit training seamlessly.

Who can benefit the most from participating? Our classes are ideal for anyone seeking to enhance overall muscular tonus, balance, and flexibility. Whether you wish to unwind and relax or challenge yourself, you'll find solace in our Yoga classes.

What can you expect in the classes? Klara's Vinyasa yoga sessions cater to all levels, ensuring everyone feels welcome and engaged. Throughout the week (Monday and Wednesday), our one-hour sessions will focus on yoga poses and balance, aligning perfectly with the CrossFit programming. On Sundays, join us for an extended 1.5-hour session that culminates in a blissful and tranquil relaxation moment.

Are you ready to discover the harmony of strength and serenity within yourself? Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our Yoga classes welcome everyone. Step into a world of balance and rejuvenation, guided by Klara's expertise and passion. Embrace this fusion of two incredible disciplines and embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery. See you on the mat!